SSL Certificate Digital Certificates are the cornerstones of internet security

The SSL certificate is an encryption technology used to establish an encrypted link between the web server, the browser, and the client. By configuring and applying the SSL certificate to enable the HTTPS protocol, the security of Internet data transmission is ensured.


Choose Your SSL Certificate Plan

Show visitors that you are trustworthy and authentic.

Positive SSL

A basic SSL certificate for quick and simple encrypted security.

€22.50 / year Choose Positive SSL
  • $50,000 warranty
  • Domain Validation
  • Single Domain Name (FQDN)
  • Instantly Issued
  • Free Reissuance
  • 128/256 bit SHA-2 Encryption
  • Logo Supported
Wildcard SSL

Secure your main website and various subdomains linked to your main domain.

€249.00 / year Choose Wildcard SSL
  • $50,000 warranty
  • Domain Validation
  • Multiple Sub-domains
  • Instantly Issued
  • Free Reissuance
  • 128/256 bit SHA-2 Encryption
  • Logo Supported

Increase sales and stay protected with the highest level of trust - the green address bar.

€270.00 / year Choose EV SSL
  • $1,000,000 warranty
  • Full business validation to EV Guidelines
  • Secure one (FQDN)
  • Issued in 1-5 business days
  • Free Reissuance
  • 128/256 bit SHA-2 Encryption
  • Logo Supported

Why choose AvenaCloud?

See why AvenaCloud SSL Certificate is the best for your domain

Brand Enhancement It is conducive to the enterprise to obtain more profits and occupy an active position in the competition with competitors.
No More Browser Warnings With the SSL Certificate, browsers will no longer mark your domain as unsafe and customers will surf the web with more confidentiality.
Easy to manage Providing SSL certificate online management tools, which can facilitate the management of certificate issuance, renewal, monitoring, etc.
Increase Credibility The details of the OV/EV SSL certificates contain corporate identity information, which can prove the authenticity of its website to users and prevent from phishing.

SSL Certificate Features

Below we list some advantages of choosing AvenaCloud for your business

Encrypting private data Prevent your visitor's private information (account, address, mobile phone number, etc.) from being hacked or stolen.
Security padlockr The "lock" icon at the head of the address bar allows your visitors to browse the web with confidence and improves user trust.
Improving SEO performance Websites deploying SSL certificates are highly friendly to search engines and can effectively improve the SEO of your Web.
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To ensure the security of your presence on the Internet you need an SSL certificate, which guarantees the encryption of information, protection of your site from phishing attacks, secure payment processing and optimized ranking in search engines.

Free SSL certificates provide domain authentication and establish a security baseline. It's an excellent way to make the Internet safer, but the entity behind the certificate is not authorized by the Certification Authority and this fact provides an opportunity for malicious activity. In addition, there’s the administrative hassle of reissuing certificates every three months, whereas paid certificates can be issued for several years. In terms of business, buying a certificate valid for more than three months helps manage customer churn, ensures security, and increases your brand's credibility.

Our DV/OV/EV SSL certificates have a remarkable 99.9% browser recognition rate, being at the same time very mobile-friendly types of certificates available, and are commonly suitable for all major platforms.

SSL certificates come with a warranty of $10,000 to $2,000,000 depending on the type of verification. It is paid out in case of loss or damage to the end user, so you and your customers do not have to worry about incorrect validation or issuance on an unauthorized site. The provider has a brilliant reputation and the certification it issues is trustworthy, so it's unlikely you'll ever need it, but the guarantee gives you peace of mind.