IP Addresses AvenaCloud's profitable IP Rental Services.

With a low investment cost and quick provisioning, IP address renting becomes the easiest way to scale your operations. We provide complete assistance and quick IPv4 or IPv6 allocation and their steady functioning on the servers.

AvenaCloud - IP Rental Plans

As the number of available IPv4 and IPv6 addresses dwindles, their prices have been increasing each year. If you want to get the best deal on IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, it's time to rent them now.

Pool Details Monthly Semi-annually Annually Availability
/24 Mask IPv4 or IPv6
€1500 €3000 Configure
/23 Mask IPv4 or IPv6
€2982 €5964 Configure
/22 Mask IPv4 or IPv6
€5898 €11796 Configure
/21 Mask IPv4 or IPv6
€11670 €23340 Configure
/20 Mask IPv4 or IPv6
€23100 €46200 Configure

*Please note that we offer IPs to customers who have at least one server ordered at AvenaCloud hosting and the IPs will be announced from the AvenaCloud ASN.

IP Address Rental in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Find To find ranges that match your criteria, search our pool of 3 million IP addresses.
Step 2: Select You can choose any subnet block from /24 to /16 that satisfies your requirements.
Step 3: Obtain Now, you can receive IP addresses for any online infrastructure.

Why choose AvenaCloud?

Below we list some advantages of choosing AvenaCloud for your business

Extensive range of IP blocks Our platform offers a wide range of subnet availability - /24 to /16 IPs from all Regional Internet Registries with rDNS for all rented IP addresses.
Professional support You can rely on our 24/7/365 helpdesk to get prompt assistance if needed, while our fully automated abuse handling ensures your network safety.
Quick delivery & allocation Your network will be served in less than 48 hours in case of bulk IP orders and there will be an instant delivery for any server plus 1-16 IP addresses.
Expert abuse prevention Our robust abuse prevention system and real-time IP monitoring help report and prevent abuse incidents quickly and easily, thanks to 85+ blocklists in use.
Simple Administration AvenaCloud offers automated IP management that allows you to access and modify your rDNS settings at any time.
Cost-efficient solution Rent at low upfront costs and scale quickly your business processes. Save money and enhance your daily network operations with our convenient prices.
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We have provided a list of frequently asked questions regarding our services in order to help you make an infromed decision.

We have provided a list of frequently asked questions regarding our dedicated servers services in order to help you make an infromed decision.

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A unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network is known as an IP address. IP is an abbreviation for "Internet Protocol," which is a collection of rules that governs the format of data transferred over the internet or a local network.

Any internet-connected device needs a unique numerical IP address in order to communicate with other devices. Because of the expansion of linked devices, the original IP address standard, known as IPv4, is running out of addresses. IPv6 is the next-generation enhanced Internet Protocol (IP) address standard that's designed to improve things.

We have a large selection of IP addresses from all Regional Internet Registries (APNIC, RIPE NCC, and so on). We can provide you with anything from a single IP address up to entire IP blocks, so you'll be able to find the addresses you need.

Reverse Domain Name System (rDNS) is the protocol used to resolve the IP address of a sending server into its hostname (ex.avenacloud.com). By converting the IP address of the sending server to a hostname, rDNS validation confirms that the IP address is connected to an authorized domain name. The rDNS check also confirms that the email is not from a dial-up user or a dynamic IP address (a technique used by spammers).