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Last updated: August 01, 2023

We use cookies to implement functions necessary for the operation of the website, to personalize display and advertisements, and to help us analyze website traffic. We also share your usage of our website with our advertising and analytics providers.

When you visit our website, your visiting information may be stored in the form of cookies. This information may be about you, your preferences or related to your equipment, and the use of this information is mainly to meet your expectations of using our website. This information usually does not directly identify you personally, but it can provide you with a tailored online experience.

For some browsers, you can choose to disable certain types of cookies in whole or in part.


All definitions mentioned in Terms of Service (Collectivey as "ToS") are applicable to these Cookies policies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser when you visit a website to remember information about you, such as your language preference. These cookies are set by us and are known as first party cookies. We may also use third-party cookies, which are not from the domain of the website you visit, but from other domains, usually for the purpose of pushing advertisements and marketing to you.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used for different purposes. For example, based on user access records and user preferences, we will personalize the website, allow users to navigate between different web pages, implement user preferences, and improve the user's web page opening experience. They can also help deliver more Avenacloud's services in a more convenient way better than ever.

Type of Cokis We Use

Our website may use several types of cookies, in particular:

  • 1. Session cookies, which run only as long as you are on a page to help improve your experience on our website; and

    2. persistent cookies, which It runs during your visit to multiple webpages to help us remember your preferences on our website; these cookie types may involve:

    3. First-party cookies, provided by the website you visit, in order to realize the normal operation of the website Operation;

    4. Third-party cookies used to collect data in different ways for different purposes, such as collecting data for data analysis purposes, or collecting interaction and behavioral data for promotional purposes.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

If you prefer not to use or accept our cookies, you may face some inconveniences during your visit to our website. In order to disable the cookies associated with your browser you can remove and disable cookies from your browser.

For any other web browser, please visit your web browser's official web pages.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Cookies Policy, You can contact us:

  • By visiting this page on our website: Contact Us